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Brick stone - Heritage of power

Town history

Changeful centuries

Stralsund abounds in history - convince yourself at every turn in the time-honoured Hanseatic city. Originally a small fishing village called "Stralow", the city experienced its heyday during the 14th century as a member of the powerful Hanseatic League. Also Sweden left its mark for over 200 years.

Churches and monasteries

Close to heaven

From far out you can see the three great brick churches of Stralsund already. They shape the town's silhouette by sea and by land. St. Mary's towers above everything with its 104 metres high steeple. Once the highest building in the world it still bears witness to the patrician's pride of bygone times.

Gable houses

Pride of powerful merchants

The colourful townhouses have shaped the city of Stralsund ever since the Hanseatic League. By constructing their gables in a very lavish way the merchants wanted to demonstrate their wealth and power. The medieval gable house combined the functions of living, representing and trading under one roof.


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Rathaus Stralsund

The City Hall is one of Stralsund´s oldest and most beautiful buildings in the North German Brick Gothic style. Its origins date back to the thirteenth century. The magnificent decorated facade at the northern end of the building has become one of the city´s emblems.

Unterwegs in Stralsund

Come with us on a stroll and get to know the special sides of Stralsund. Here you can get in the mood for your upcoming vacation or just inform yourself about magnificent buildings and the changeful history of Stralsund.