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Churches and monasteries

From far away you can see the three great brick gothic churches of Stralsund. They shape the town's silhouette by sea and by land. St. Marie's is over towering everything with its 100 metres high steeple. Once the highest building in the world it is still a witness for the patrician's pride of bygone times.


St. Nicholas’ Church

Nikolaikirche Stralsund

First mentioned in 1276, St. Nicholas located on the Old Market Square is Stralsund’s oldest parish church. Its distinctive double steeple and the direct situation next to the Town Hall make this church a unique landmark. The baroque altar, that was built according to Andreas Schlueter’s drafts, the astronomical clock and the famous pews of the Nowgorod seafarers are among the most significant fittings of this church.


St. James' Church

Jakobikirche Stralsund

The Gothic St. Jakobikirche (Saint James' Church) was constructed as the last of the major parish churches at the beginning of the 14th century on the former divide between Stralsund’s Old and New City sections. This church distinguishes itself significantly from the other church buildings in the city through its various glazed shaped stonework and the ornamental decorations on the screens and friezes. It is currently being used as a cultural and events church for readings, concerts, theatre performances and exhibitions.


St. Mary’s Church

Marienkirche Stralsund

Being the second largest Brick Gothic church in the Baltic Sea area and calling a 104 metres tall steeple its own, this basilica is visible for miles. If you are lucky and the weather is good, the 90 metres high lookout offers its visitors a great view over the city, the Isle of Ruegen and the Baltic Sea. Also, the Baroque organ - Friedrich Stellwagen’s last masterpiece - is definitely worth a look.


Abbey of St. Catherine

St. Katharinenkloster

St. Catherine is one of the few Northern German monasteries, whose Gothic substance has almost survived in its entirety. It was built by the Dominicans in 1251 and used as orphanage and public school after the Reformation. Nowadays, it is home to the famous German Oceanographic Museum and the Museum of Cultural History, offering a comprehensive collection of artefacts of the region’s history and heritage.


St. John’s Monastery

St.Johanniskloster Stralsund

Founded by the Franciscans in 1254 this monastery attracts its visitors with the monastery itself, a beautiful rose garden, the chapter hall, cross-shaped vaults and a baroque library. Furthermore, the monastery buildings house a much-used municipal archive, providing a broad collection of historical documents, records, books, old pictures and prints of the town.


Holy Spirit Hospital

Heilgeistkloster Stralsund

First mentioned in 1265 the Holy Spirit Hospital cared for the elderly, the sick and needy persons, and is the oldest municipal hospital. The Town Hall’s impressive pillar-lined hallway is believed to been built along the lines of the Holy Spirit Church’s aisle. Today, there are numerous flats situated inside the building.